Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Most Expensive Countries in the World for Expatriate Professional Migrants December 2016

The top ten most expensive countries in the world as at December 2016 comprise three from Africa (Angola) (1); Democratic Republic of the Congo (5); Eritrea (7)), three from Europe (Norway (2); Switzerland (3); Denmark (8)), three from America (Bermuda (4); Cayman Islands (6); Bahamas (9), and one from Asia Pacific (Japan) (10).

Friday, November 11, 2016

America Expat Cost of Living Comparison 2016

Hamilton in Bermuda is the most expensive location in the Americas, in 11th place globally; this is due to the high price of property and the fact that most items have to be transported to Bermuda adding a great deal to the cost of expatriate items. New York (Manhattan) NY is the second most expensive location in the Americas, the most expensive city in the USA in 11th place worldwide, this is mainly due to the highly priced rental property market. Overall locations across the United States have climbed the rankings during 2015 and 2016 as a result of the strong US Dollar against most other global currencies. The second most expensive city in the USA is Honolulu, HI ranked 5th in the region and 31st in the world, followed by San Jose in California ranked 34th in the world. In comparison the highest ranked city in Canada is Toronto, ranked 105th most expensive in the world in 2016.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Europe Expat Cost of Living Comparison - October 2016

Zurich and Geneva are ranked as the first and second most expensive expat cities in Europe and the 6th and 7th most expensive cities in the world for expatriates. This is due primarily to the strong Swiss Franc as well as due to high rentals and institutionalized high wages. Despite the fact that there have been moderate price increases in most of Europe, the Euro has weakened against the US Dollar which has resulted in lower USD prices, pushing Euro cities down in the global ranking.

Latest International Inflation Rates - Updated 31 October 2016

The latest available inflation rate for all countries world wide (October 2016 est.): Afghanistan 7.32% Albania 1.8% Algeria 6.35% Angola 39.44% Anguilla 3.1% Antigua and Barbuda 1.4% Argentina 40.5% Armenia -1.9% Aruba -0.7% Australia 1.3% Austria 0.9% Azerbaijan 11.2% Bahamas -0.33% Bahrain 2.6% Bangladesh 5.53% Barbados -1.2% Belarus 11.1% Belgium 1.81% Belize 0.4% Benin -2.1% Bermuda 0.6% Bhutan 3.31% Bolivia 3.47% Bosnia and Herzegovina -1.2% Botswana 2.8% Brazil 8.48% British Virgin Islands 2.3% Brunei -1% Bulgaria -0.6% Burkina Faso -0.6% Burundi 7% Cambodia 2.93% Cameroon 0.64% Canada 1.3% Cape Verde -2.1% Cayman Islands -0.8% Central African Republic 38.04% Chad -3.4% Chile 3.1% China 1.9% Colombia 7.27% Comoros 1.4% Democratic Republic of the Congo 5.52% Congo 3.7% Cook Islands 0.4% Costa Rica 0.39% Cote D'Ivoire 0.7% Croatia -0.9% Cuba 4.6% Cyprus -0.5% Czech Republic 0.5% Denmark 0% Djibouti 2% Dominica 1.8% Dominican R

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Middle East Expat Cost of Living Comparison - October 2016

Abu-Dhabi in the UAE is the most expensive city for expats in the Middle East, followed by Doha. Beirut and Dubai are third and fourth respectively, followed by Tehran. While Abu-Dhabi is the most expensive city in the Middle East, it is only ranked 96th in the world. In Abu-Dhabi alcohol, communication, housing, and education costs are very high. Similarly Dubai is ranked 110th most expensive in the world.