Thursday, May 28, 2009

Expat Kids - Being Open minded

Being Open minded:
In every case of becoming an expat, the circumstances you are going to experience are going to be different, even if you move within the USA, if you have not been brought up in the culture it is going to be an adjustment. Parents need to be open minded about a culture, to allow their children to be open minded about it too.

Denise says: I remember when we first moved to the Middle East we found the people drove like maniacs and we raise our arms like the ??? in the movie Madagascar and say “Look at me look at me I am a crazy local driver” and all roll around laughing. Eventually our kids were mimicking us and believed that all Middle Eastern people drove badly. We had to correct them on that and say, eventually everyone that lives here drives badly, it is just how it is here and somehow you adjust, even we drive badly now.
Monique says: Being an expat parent really depends on a lot of things, like where you are being posted, most of my postings have been to central African countries where food and medical care can be scarce, this can be stressful with younger kids and as a parent you need to be open minded and be prepared to adjust and change your way of thinking and learn many new skills, like administering medical aid, sometimes going as far as doing your own stitches on a screaming kid without pain killers.

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