Monday, May 18, 2009

Is being an expat all about attitude?

Is being an expat all about attitude, and if so, does this have an immense influence on expat children and how they perceive their situation in this new environment?

If as adults we are so unsure about moving to another culture, how do you think our children are feeling?

The inevitable question is “Do we leave our comfort zone?”
What this question means is that we disrupt our lives, move away from everything we know and love, our home comforts, family and friends. And finally do we tear our children away from all the above? Inevitably they have the same concerns as we do…. And in the end, do they have the choice or a say in the move?

I can tell you this, in their minds they are asking questions like, can I adapt, will I be happy, how can Mom and Dad do this to me, will I make new friends, will I be accepted, will I be good enough and to top it all off they are leaving all their friends behind, just like you are.

More on this topic tomorrow....

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