Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lebanon, Beirut Cost of Living April 2010

Country Full Name: The Lebanese Republic.

Location: Lebanon is in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Syria.

Country Climate: Mediterranean; mild to cool, wet winters with hot, dry summers; Lebanon mountains experience heavy winter snows.

Country Terrain: Narrow coastal plain; El Beqaa (Bekaa Valley) separates Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon Mountains.

Major Languages: Arabic.

Major Religions: Islam, Christianity.

Country Population: 3.8 million (2008 est.) 3.9 million (2009 est.).

Country Economy: The economy of Lebanon is charaterised by remittances from Lebanese abroad which account for one fifth of the country's economy. The thriving tourism and banking activities have made the services sector the most important part of the Lebanese economy employing nearly 65% of the workforce.

Currency: Lebanese Pound (LBP).

Country Inflation: 10.8% (2008 est.) 2.5% (2009 est.).

City: Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon.

City Economy: After the destructive Lebanese civil war, Beirut underwent major reconstruction, and the redesigned historic city center, marina, pubs and nightlife districts have once again rendered it a tourist attraction. The city is the focal point of the region's cultural life, renowned for its press, theaters, cultural activities, and nightlife.
Cost of Living: Beirut has an overall cost of living index which equates it with middle cost of living locations. The overall cost of living index is comprised of the prices for defined quantities of the same goods and services across all 13 Basket Groups. Beirut is currently ranked 116 overall, most expensive place in the world for expatriates to live, out of 282 international locations.

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