Sunday, June 20, 2010

Niger, Niamey Cost of Living April 2010

Country Full Name: The Republic of Niger.

Location: Niger is in Western Africa, southeast of Algeria.

Country Climate: Desert; mostly hot, dry, dusty; tropical in extreme south.

Country Terrain: Predominately desert plains and sand dunes; flat to rolling plains in south; hills in north.

Major Languages: French (official), Arabic, Hausa, Songhai.

Major Religions: Islam, indigenous beliefs.

Country Population: 13.8 million (2008 est.) 14.2 million (2009 est.).

Country Economy: The economy of Niger is based largely upon internal markets, subsitance agriculture, and the export of raw commodities: food stuffs to neighbors and raw minerals to world markets. Economic activity centres on subsistence agriculture, animal husbandry, re-export trade, and export of uranium.

Currency: CFA Franc (XOF).

Country Inflation: 11.3% (2008 est.) 4.8% (2009 est.).

City: Niamey is the capital and largest city of the West African nation of Niger.

City Economy: Niamey is the administrative, cultural and economic center. The city is located in a pearl millet growing region, while manufacturing industries include bricks, ceramic goods, cement and weaving.
Cost of Living: Niamey has an overall cost of living index which equates it with middle cost of living locations. The overall cost of living index is comprised of the prices for defined quantities of the same goods and services across all 13 Basket Groups. Niamey is currently ranked 138 overall, most expensive place in the world for expatriates to live, out of 282 international locations.

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