Thursday, June 24, 2010

Uganda, Kampala Cost of Living April 2010

Country Full Name: Republic of Uganda.

Location: Uganda is in Eastern Africa, west of Kenya.

Country Climate: Tropical; generally rainy with two dry seasons (December to February, June to August); semiarid in northeast.

Country Terrain: Mostly plateau with rim of mountains.

Major Languages: English (official), Swahili (official), Luganda, various Bantu and Nilotic languages.

Major Religions: Christianity, Islam.

Country Population: 32.0 million (2008 est.) 33.2 million (2009 est.).

Country Economy: Uganda's economy suffered from devastating economic policies and instability, leaving Uganda as one of the world's poorest countries. The country has commenced economic reforms and growth has been robust. Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, and sizable mineral deposits of copper and cobalt. The country has largely untapped reserves of both crude oil and natural gas.

Currency: Ugandan Shilling (UGX).

Country Inflation: 7.3% (2008 est.) 14.2% (2009 est.).

City: Kampala is the largest city and capital of Uganda.

City Economy: Kampala is the economic hub of Uganda and is divided into five boroughs that oversee local planning.
Cost of Living: Kampala has an overall cost of living index which equates it with low cost of living locations. The overall cost of living index is comprised of the prices for defined quantities of the same goods and services across all 13 Basket Groups. Kampala is currently ranked 244 overall, most expensive place in the world for expatriates to live, out of 282 international locations.

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  1. Hi,
    How much it cost in USD for a bachelor to have a decent life style in Kampala including everything (House+transport+food etc).
    And what would be decent salary for a software engineer (5 years experienced)in USD ?