Saturday, July 3, 2010

South Asia Cost of Living - July 2010

South Asia is the least expensive region in the world for expatriates to live in. The most expensive city surveyed is Mumbai (ranked 109 in the world), followed by New Delhi (ranked 148 in the world), and Chennai (ranked 149 in the world). The Indian Rupee has weakened by 7% against the United States Dollar over the past two years. The cheapest city in South Asia is Thimphu in Bhutan (ranked 281 in the world).

Most expensive cities in South Asia (Global rank in brackets)
1. India, Mumbai (109)
2. India, New Delhi (148)
3. India, Chennai (149)
4. India, Calcutta (150)
5. Maldives, Male (158)
6. India, Hyderabad (159)
7. India, Bangalore (165)
8. Afghanistan, Kabul (203)
9. Bangladesh, Dhaka (255)
10. Nepal, Kathmandu (267)

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