Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cote DIvoire, Abidjan - Cost of Living

The Ivorian economy is largely market based and depends heavily on the agricultural sector. Almost 70% of the Ivorian people are engaged in some form of agricultural activity.

Abidjan is the economic and former official capital of Cote D'Ivoire as well as the largest city. Abidjan is characterized by high industrialization and urbanization. Major industries include food processing, lumber, automobile manufacturing, and the manufacture of textiles, chemicals, and soap.

Abidjan has an overall cost of living index which equates it with high cost of living locations. The overall cost of living index is comprised of the prices for defined quantities of the same goods and services across all 13 Basket Groups.

The latest cost of living rank for each of the 13 Basket Groups is now available.

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  1. I'm african and in my opinion, the cost of life is not high in Ivory Coast, the salary are just so small for the majority of population, the house rental market is neither bad! it is a good place to stay at

  2. Thank you for your feedback. We report the cost of living for an expatriate lifestyle rather than a local resident. The baskets are weighted according to expatriate spending norms. Each basket has a different weighting representing the portion of an expatriates income spent on each basket.