Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Cost of Living in the City vs. the Suburbs

Is living in the City better than living in the Suburbs or vice versa.  This is quite a topic of contention at our dinner table between friends who have children, are pregnant, are trying to fall pregnant or have no interest in ever having children....

So what was the outcome in my little group....

Chidless or trying to fall pregnant couples - not so keen on suburb living, big houses to clean, gardens to tend to and surburban life

Pregnant couples - in two minds about the transition, they still love the city life, the vibe of the city lights, restaurants, night clubs (you can still do that while baby is contained) and giving up "that" lifestyle. BUT well baby is on the way and nurseries are getting decorated and the excitement of bringing another child into the world in itself vibrates through the house....maybe a year or two in the city will still be ok.

Couples with copious amounts of children - Not many want to remain in the city, in apartment blocks or tiny dwellings where children cannot run in a garden or play outside unless it is at the nearest park, this means that you as the parent need the time to take them there, there are many reasons.


The attached blog, was an interesting read , enjoy .....

The suburbs often begin to look a lot more attractive to certain city dwellers after they have children. Or maybe they simply begin to ache for a small patch of green to call their own. On the other hand, empty nesters can grow tired of mowing the lawn and feel the pull of urban life.

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