Friday, January 28, 2011

Where to Find the World’s Best Quality of Life in 2011

Where will you find the world’s best quality of life? Going by numbers alone, the winner is clear: the United States.


On a macro level, the numbers tell their story. The U.S. has more paved roads than anywhere else, more airports and a lot of cell phones, good Internet access. It’s got a huge economy, the world’s biggest (though not necessarily the best), and it’s got tens of thousands of doctors and hospitals (if you can afford them). The numbers say: The United States has a lot going for it.


But statistics don’t always reflect the reality in communities on the ground. The truth is: In dozens of other countries, ranked lower in the final count than the U.S., you can enjoy a life of equal quality — with the same levels of comfort — at a much lower cost.

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