Thursday, February 24, 2011

Expat Travel News: Ten destinations to skip in 2011

The new year breeds thousands of new top ten lists. The top places to see from the geniuses at the New York Times. The top best cruises from the cruserati at Frommers. Top bloggers with top status opining on the top new places that you should visit. Hey, we're guilty of that at Gadling too, but we have to go where the hits lead us.

Fact of the matter is though, you can have a great time in almost any destination. Find the right people, open the right bottle of wine, dig through enough piles of tourists and eventually everyone finds their comfort zone, whether in Wichita or in West Africa.

That said, there are corners of this planet that we, as well-heeled travel writers are just darn tired of. Whether it's from overexposure from the media or personal experiences, certain places just make our skin crawl, and in 2011, we're steering clear.

Bear in mind: everyone interprets a destination differently, and your experiences and opinions may be completely out of sync with ours. Take a look at Gadling blogger's top 10 destinations to skip in 2011, and contrast them with your own.

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