Saturday, February 12, 2011

Qatar Expatriate News: Expatriates in Qatar ask: where can our children go to play?

There are bigger parks around Qatar; the Al Bida Park, overlooking the sea, is a favourite of the residents, and the Aspire Park is a huge space of tranquillity. Sports, however, is not usually welcome at these places.

"It is really difficult for children," Arvind Nag, an Indian expatriate, said. "There are hardly any places where they can go to play sports. The other day, we went to Al Bida Park and I was playing football with my eight-year-old son when the ball went into a local family group sitting close to us. "They got very upset and threatened to call the police. They eventually returned the ball to us, but only after puncturing it with a knife. It's the same at all the other parks. You cannot play there because it is for families."

"For the expatriate children, under 14 years of age, their parents send them to music or dance schools, to learn the piano or such other things," N Ganesh said. "There are not many other options. The older children, they usually go to the parking lots outside the stadiums on weekends and play cricket or football."

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