Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Expat Education News: Bored with moving schools? It’s time to board

Apple Gidley examines the opportunities which boarding schools can offer to expat teenagers.
School’s back from summer - school’s back forever. Well maybe not quite forever, but that’s what the start of a new school year feels like for many children. That sense of a permanent routine. But those are the ones going back to school with friends they know and have grown up with from kindergarten.
Spare a thought for those children who at the end of the last school year knew they would be moving on – again. Following their parents to a new location – again. Starting a new school – again. Education is consistently listed as one of the most stressful aspects for a globally mobile family. To board or not to board, that is the question most often agonised over. It is an emotive issue, with no hard and fast answer. Add to the mix the cultural divergences between countries, and within countries, and you have a crucible of opinions.

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