Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cost of Living Comparison Calculator's cost of living calculators are just what you need when you are planning to relocate abroad, perhaps to take advantage of a wonderful new employment opportunity. Moving to overseas is an exciting and challenging prospect, but you will need to conduct thorough research to ensure you are prepared for your adventure. You will certainly need to compare your salary offer to the cost of living, and this is where an international cost of living comparison calculator can really help. The Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator is used to calculate how much the salary you earn now will be worth in your new location, thus enabling you to compare the salary you are being offered in the new location. This can then be used to negotiate, plan and budget your living expenses in advance of your move.'s cost of living calculators are very easy to use. You will simply need to input some basic information about your current location, your intended new location and your finances. The Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator will then calculate the equivalent salary with the same purchasing power in your new location from which you can deduce what standard of living you can expect to achieve. Although they are very useful for general purposes, the Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator can only be used to gain a broad overview of your financial prospects in a new country. It may be unwise to base your final decision on whether to relocate or not solely on results obtained from the cost of living comparison calculator. It is very difficult to include all variables in an international cost of living calculator. However, if used wisely, the Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator is a useful tool in helping you to plan your relocation.

You can now access's comprehensive, free, and up-to-date cost of living reviews of 300 international locations covering every country in the world.

The 10 most expensive cities in the world overall:
1. Japan, Tokyo
2. Brazil, Sao Paulo
3. Switzerland, Geneva
4. Switzerland, Zurich
5. China, Hong Kong
6. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
7. Brazil, Brasilia
8. Japan, Osaka
9. Norway, Oslo
10.Liechtenstein, Vaduz

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