Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cost of Living in Guernsey

The cost of living in Guernsey is considerably higher than most of the UK, with the exception of London. A comparison using's Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator shows Guernsey to be 6.7% cheaper than London, but 4.4% more expensive than Birmingham, and 4.4% less expensive than Paris. While electricity is approximately 20% more expensive than in the UK, Guernsey has a milder climate, meaning less electricity is required for heating homes. Public transport is not feasible requiring every household to have a car in order to live a normal life in Guernsey. Motoring costs are generally lower in Guernsey due to the lack of MOT inspections and cheaper petrol.

The 10 most expensive cities in Europe:
1. Switzerland, Geneva
2. Switzerland, Zurich
3. Norway, Oslo
4. Liechtenstein, Vaduz
5. Russia, Moscow
6. Denmark, Copenhagen
7. United Kingdom, London
8. Monaco, Monaco
9. France, Paris
10.Finland, Helsinki

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