Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moving to Belfast

Today we look at moving to Belfast in United Kingdom from Nuku'Alofa in Tonga. We highlight cost of living and other major differences likely to be experienced in our series of short blogs on moving between different international locations.
In Belfast people speak English. In Nuku'Alofa people speak Tongan and English.

Belfast is the capital of and the largest city in Northern Ireland. Nuku'Alofa is the capital and commercial, transport and social center of Tonga. Belfast is Northern Ireland's educational and commercial hub. It is currently in the top five fastest growing regional economies in the UK. Nuku'Alofa is the economic hub of the country.
The overall cost of living rank in Belfast is 81 out of 300 global locations, which equates it with high cost of living locations.  An expatriate moving from Nuku'Alofa to Belfast will experience a change in cost of living of 63%.

In terms of the hardship people are likely to experience, assessed in global terms, Belfast is ranked as a minimal hardship location with a hardship index of 10% compared to Nuku'Alofa with a hardship index of 40% which is an extreme hardship location.

Source: Cost of Living Belfast UK as at July 2011.

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