Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving to Jeddah

Today we look at moving to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia from Bucharest in Romania. We highlight cost of living and other major differences likely to be experienced in our series of short blogs on moving between different international locations.
In Jeddah people speak Arabic. In Bucharest people speak Romanian.

Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital city, Riyadh. Jeddah is the principal gateway to Mecca, Islam's holiest city, which able-bodied Muslims are required to visit at least once in their lifetime. It is also a gateway to Medina ,the second holiest place in islam. Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania. Jeddah is the most cosmopolitan and tolerant of all Saudi Arabian cities, hosting expatriates from all over the world who have made Jeddah their home. Economically, Jeddah is focussing on further developing capital investment in scientific and engineering leadership within Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. Bucharest is the industrial, cultural, and financial centre of Romania and is one of the main industrial centres and transportation hubs of Eastern Europe.

The overall cost of living rank in Jeddah is 258 out of 300 global locations, which equates it with low cost of living locations.  An expatriate moving from Bucharest to Jeddah will experience a change in cost of living of -10.3%.
In terms of the hardship people are likely to experience, assessed in global terms, Jeddah is ranked as a high degree of hardship location with a hardship index of 30% compared to Bucharest with a hardship index of 30% which is a high degree of hardship location.

Source: Cost of living Jeddah Saudi Arabia as at July 2011.

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