Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Retirement in Spain

A list of retirement hotspots by pension company Standard Life shows Spain, which is on average still 16.8% cheaper than London, especially when it comes to the largest budget items such as housing (40% cheaper), healthcare (30% cheaper) and groceries 7.6% cheaper) is still the number one choice for British pensioners heading abroad. But British pensioners in Spain have been severely hit by the weak pound against the euro. A £10,000 pension that was worth 16,500 Euro 9 years ago is now only worth around 5,000 Euro.

The property market crash has seen property halve in value. There are reportedly 700,000 unsold properties, good news for buyers, bad news for owners.

The 10 most expensive cities in Europe:
1. Switzerland, Geneva
2. Switzerland, Zurich
3. Norway, Oslo
4. Liechtenstein, Vaduz
5. Russia, Moscow
6. Denmark, Copenhagen
7. United Kingdom, London
8. Monaco, Monaco
9. France, Paris
10.Finland, Helsinki

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