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Cost of Living Review - 2011 - 300 International Locations

You can now access Xpatulator.com's comprehensive, free, and up-to-date cost of living reviews of 300 international locations covering every country in the world.

We have created a page for each calculator explaining what each calculator does together with a step by step guide to running each calculator:

Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator
Cost of Living Allowance Calculator
Cost of Living Index Calculator

Our most recent articles are about The Cost of Connecting, some advice before you go on an international assignment, and questions to ask yourself before accepting an overseas assignment.

In our blog, Cost Of Living, Hardship and Expatriate Pay, we have been highlighting cost of living and other major differences likely to be experienced on moving between different international locations. Over the summer we have covered almost all 300 locations and have included the cost of living percentage differences between international locations.

The latest international cost of living rankings for our 300 international locations are now available. You can access the overall cost of living rankings, as well as the rankings for each individual cost of living basket here:
Alcohol & Tobacco
Furniture & Appliances
Household Accommodation
Personal Care
Recreation and Culture
Restaurants Meals Out and Hotel

The 10 most expensive cities in the world overall:
1. Japan, Tokyo
2. Brazil, Sao Paulo
3. Switzerland, Geneva
4. Switzerland, Zurich
5. China, Hong Kong
6. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
7. Brazil, Brasilia
8. Japan, Osaka
9. Norway, Oslo
10.Liechtenstein, Vaduz

The 10 most expensive cities in the world for groceries:
1. Japan, Tokyo
2. Russia, Moscow
3. Denmark, Copenhagen
4. Korea Republic of, Seoul
5. Central African Republic, Bangui
6. Switzerland, Geneva
7. Norway, Oslo
8. Switzerland, Zurich
9. Japan, Osaka
10.China, Hong Kong

The 10 most expensive cities in the world for household accommodation (rent, mortgage, utilities):
1. China, Hong Kong
2. Japan, Tokyo
3. Japan, Osaka
4. Japan, Nagoya
5. Japan, Yokohama
6. China, Shanghai
7. Taiwan, Taipei
8. Angola, Luanda
9. Korea Republic of, Seoul
10.Singapore, Singapore

The 10 most expensive cities in the world for transport:
1. Switzerland, Geneva
2. Switzerland, Zurich
3. Norway, Oslo
4. Liechtenstein, Vaduz
5. Malawi, Lilongwe
6. Denmark, Copenhagen
7. Germany, Munich
8. Germany, Frankfurt
9. Netherlands, Amsterdam
10.Monaco, Monaco

The 10 most expensive cities in Africa:
1. Angola, Luanda
2. Saint Helena, Jamestown
3. Gabon, Libreville
4. Central African Republic, Bangui
5. Cote D'Ivoire, Abidjan
6. Equatorial Guinea, Malabo
7. Nigeria, Lagos
8. Mali, Bamako
9. Cameroon, Douala
10. Chad, N'Djamena

The 10 most expensive cities in the Americas:
1. Brazil, Sao Paulo
2. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
3. Brazil, Brasilia
4. Canada, Toronto
5. Falkland Islands, Stanley
6. Canada, Vancouver
7. USA, New York NY
8. Canada, Calgary
9. Bahamas, Nassau
10.Canada, Montreal

The 10 most expensive cities in Asia-Pacific:
1. Japan, Tokyo
2. China, Hong Kong
3. Japan, Osaka
4. Australia, Sydney
5. Japan, Nagoya
6. Australia, Canberra
7. Japan, Yokohama
8. Australia, Melbourne
9. Australia, Perth
10.China, Shanghai

The 10 most expensive cities in Europe:
1. Switzerland, Geneva
2. Switzerland, Zurich
3. Norway, Oslo
4. Liechtenstein, Vaduz
5. Russia, Moscow
6. Denmark, Copenhagen
7. United Kingdom, London
8. Monaco, Monaco
9. France, Paris
10.Finland, Helsinki

The 10 most expensive cities in the Middle East:
1. United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
2. Qatar, Doha
3. Israel, Jerusalem
4. Bahrain, Manama
5. Lebanon, Beirut
6. United Arab Emirates, Dubai
7. Iran, Tehran
8. Palestinian Territories, West Bank
9. Syria, Damascus
10.Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

The 10 most expensive cities in South Asia:
1. India, Mumbai
2. India, New Delhi
3. India, Chennai
4. India, Calcutta
5. India, Hyderabad
6. Sri Lanka, Colombo
7. India, Bangalore
8. Maldives, Male
9. Afghanistan, Kabul
10.Pakistan, Lahore

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