Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Expat Eye on the World

Being much more visual when it comes to gathering information or purely learning just about anything, I am always on the look out for videos that will help me achieve this.

Deciding to become an expat IS a big deal, especially when it is the first time you take on this type of an adventure. Like any adventure or trip the most interesting part of it is to research everything about the place you are going to, from accommodation, to schools, to entertainment and shopping. The best part of researching is finding interesting and realistic information and videos where you can visualize what to expect when you arrive. You can plan better and set yourself up for positive experiences rather than nasty surprises.

So it was with great delight that I found this website that does just that, although not all locations are on here it does give a pretty good visual idea of a lot of places on our world map.

And for cost of living information that is affordable for the man on the street and accurate, look at our comprehensive international cost of living information. This information will tell you what your cost of living expectations should be when moving from your current city to your new location.

We provide great visual website with free international cost of living reviews and  cost of living rankings covering 13 baskets with 300 international locations as well as 3 premium content calculators:

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Cost of Living Index Calculator

Cost of Living Allowance Calculator

Salary Purchasing Power Parity Calculator

Reports derived from the calculators cost US$99 each. Registration is free. There are no annual subscription charges.

Register, purchase credit online and use the calculators to create, run and receive your personalized report today. To get started Register Now

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