Thursday, April 25, 2013

Assignment in Douala

Today I would like to discuss Douala in Cameroon. If you were to be sent to Douala on an expatriate assignment or if you were to relocate there, you are likely to experience weather that is varied from tropical along coast to semiarid and hot in north. You will meet people who speak French, English, languages of the Bantu, Semi-Bantu and Sudanic groups.

The cost of clothing is average. The cost of food and beverages is very high. The cost of housing is low. The cost of transport is high. Douala is the largest city in Cameroon and the capital of Cameroon's Littoral Province. Douala is home to Cameroon's largest port and its major international airport, Douala Airport, it is the commercial capital of the country. Consequently, it handles most of the country's major exports, such as oil, cocoa and coffee, timber, metals and fruits.

From a day to day comfort perspective, you are likely to experience high degree of hardship. Be sure to negotiate an appropriate salary or allowance to compensate for the cost of living. If you live in Douala or if you lived there recently, let us know what your experience has been. Would you live in Douala again?

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