Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Assignment in Perth

Today I would like to discuss Perth in Australia. If you were to be sent to Perth on an expatriate assignment or if you were to relocate there, you are likely to experience:

  • Weather that is generally arid to semiarid;
  • You will meet people who speak English;
  • You will find the cost of clothing very high;
  • The cost of food and beverages is very high;
  • The cost of housing is very high;
  • The cost of transport is very high;
  • Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia. Perth ranks fourth amongst the nation's cities, with a growth rate consistently above the national average;
  • Perth dominates the Western Australian economy by virtue of its population and role as the administrative centre for business and government, despite the major mining, petroleum and agricultural export industries located elsewhere in the state. Perth’s function as the State’s capital city, its economic base and population size have also created development opportunities for many other businesses oriented to local or more diversified markets;
  • From a day to day comfort perspective, you are likely to experience very little hardship;
  • Be sure to negotiate an appropriate salary or allowance to compensate for the high cost of living.

If you live in Perth or if you lived there recently, let us know what your experience has been. Would you live in Perth again?

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