Thursday, July 4, 2013

Asia Pacific Expats, Cost of Living Rankings

Many expats flock to this area, but is it a cheap destination for expats and can you sustain your standard of living here, while still sending money back home to save?
Expensive cities to live in here are Hong Kong (the third most expensive in the world);TokyoSydneySingapore and Yokohama, what makes these cities expensive are the high rental costs for expatriate type accommodation, and costly imported goods.
The cheapest city for expatriates to live in is Medan in Indonesia, moving down the rankings is South Tarawa in Kiribati, and the biggest mover up the rankings is Tashkent in Uzbekistan, which has risen from 500th in April to become the 370th most expensive location in the world.

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The cost of living ranking information contained in this article is updated quarterly using data collected by over the past 12 months. The international cost of living indexes, on which the rankings are based, is only available using's online expatriate calculators that enable users to create personalized cost of living comparison reports which include:

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