Friday, July 5, 2013

Europe As An Expat, Which Countries are the Most Expensive to go on Assignment?

While Europe has two of the most expensive cities to live in as an expat sitting in the Top Ten in the world, overall it is an expensive continent to reside in as an expat.
Switzerland; Norway; Liechtenstein; Denmark; and Jersey are the most expensive countries for expats and Zurich (most expensive in the world); Geneva; Monaco; Oslo; and Moscow are the most expensive cities.
Sofia in Bulgaria is the cheapest city to live in Europe and 12th cheapest in the world.
Moving down the rankings is Budapest in Hungary, dropping from 507th in April to become the 642nd most expensive location in the world.
Minsk in Belarus is the biggest mover up the rankings, which has risen from 222nd in April to become the 191st most expensive location in the world.

What are the Top 50 most expensive places to live in Europe? Find out here.

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