Friday, August 16, 2013

Expat in Africa, Cost of Living Expensive?

AngolaNigeriaMozambiqueDemocratic Republic of Congo; and Ghana - are the most expensive expatriate countries in Africa. 
Luanda (Second most expensive in the world); AbujaLagosKano; and Ibadan - are the most expensive expatriate cities to live in Africa. 
Tunis in Tunisia - is the cheapest city for expatriates to live in (15th cheapest in the world).
Gaborone in Botswana - is the biggest mover down the rankings, which has dropped from 543th in April becoming the 667th most expensive location in the world. 

Monrovia in Liberia - is the biggest mover up the rankings, which has risen from 245th in April to become the 126th most expensive location in the world.

10th Monrovia in Liberia

9th Conakry in Guinea

8th Bangui in The Central African Republic of Congo

7th Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo

6th Maputo in Mozambique

5th Ibadan in Nigeria
4th Kano
3rd Lagos
2nd Abuja

1st Luanda in Angola

The cost of living rankings, released every quarter, measure the comparative cost of living for expatriates in 780 locations, covering every country worldwide. The cost of living comparison uses local prices for defined quantities of the same goods and services, converted to a single currency. Sources include local service providers in each location, international service providers, official governmental statistics and global agency data. The data is quality assured and manually checked by Xpatulator Analysts. The prices of similar related items have been grouped together into 13 basket groups and the cost of living index calculated for each basket in each location. The 13 basket groups are the result of extensive research of actual spending habits ensuring the cost of living indexes reflect a reality-based international expenditure pattern.

About Xpatulator is a website that provides international cost of living information and calculators that can help you determine cost of living indexes, cost of living allowances, salary purchasing power and international assignment packages to compensate for cost of living, hardship, and exchange rate differences.

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