Sunday, August 21, 2016

International Hardship Premium Locations 2016

Xpatulator's hardship ranking system measures the relative quality of living in each locations, and assesses the level of difficulty that will be experienced in adapting to each location. The ratings for hardship are classified into four main groups, the first being those with no real hardship, while the three categories with hardship can be described as follows: 1) Some Hardship (20% Hardship Premium) 2) High degree of Hardship (30% Hardship Premium) 3) Extreme Hardship (40% Hardship Premium). The High and Extreme Hardship Premium Locations (30%-40% Premium) as at August 2016: ... Pristina in Kosovo 40% Puebla in Mexico 30% Pune in India 30% Pyongyang in Democratic Republic of Korea 40% Quito in Ecuador 30% Rabat in Morocco 30% Reykjavik in Iceland 30% Riga in Latvia 30% Riyadh in Saudi Arabia 30% Roseau in Dominica 40% Saipan in Northern Mariana Islands 40% Samara in Russia 30% San Jose in Costa Rica 30% San Juan in Puerto Rico 30% ...

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