Wednesday, October 5, 2016

International Hardship Premium Locations - October 2016

In assessing how much to pay an expatriate, it is important to take into account the relative hardship, in terms of quality of living conditions between locations, and assesses the relative level of difficulty that will be experienced in adapting to a new location. The ratings for hardship are classified into four main groups, the first being those with no real hardship, while the three categories with hardship can be described as follows: 1) Some Hardship (20% Hardship Premium) 2) High degree of Hardship (30% Hardship Premium) 3) Extreme Hardship (40% Hardship Premium). The High and Extreme Hardship Premium Locations (30%-40% Premium) as at October 2016: Abidjan in Cote D'Ivoire 40% Abuja in Nigeria 30% Accra in Ghana 20% Adana in Turkey 30% Addis Ababa in Ethiopia 40% Ahmedabad in India 30% Alexandria in Egypt 40% Algiers in Algeria 30% Almaty in Kazakhstan 40% Amman in Jordan 30% Ankara in Turkey 30% Antananarivo in Madagascar 40% Apia in

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