Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Top 10 Cheapest Low Hardship Countries For Expatriate Professional Migrants

An expatriate professional migrant is someone who voluntarily lives outside their country in order to take up a job opportunity and a better or at the very least a similar, quality of life with the intention returning to their home country and do not therefore consider themselves to be local in their host country. The 10 cheapest low hardship countries for expatriate professional migrants as at October 2016 for all expat basket items from most cheapest to less cheap are as follows: 1. Poland (Europe) Poland is the cheapest country in the world for expatriate professionals. The economy of Poland is considered to be one of the healthiest economies of the post-communist countries, and is one of the fastest growing countries within the EU. 2. Hungary (Europe) 3. Botswana (Africa) 4. Malaysia (Asia-Pacific) 5. South Africa (Africa) 6. Cook Islands (Asia-Pacific) 7. Czech Republic (Europe) 8. Paraguay (Americas) 9. Greece (Europe) 10. Mauritius (Africa)

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