Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Africa Expat Cost of Living April 2018

Luanda is the most expensive city to live in the African region, and world-wide as at April 2018 and is likely to get more expensive before it gets cheaper.

In Africa, Luanda is followed by Bangui in the Central African Republic, and Freetown in Sierra Leone.

Growth in Angola should reach 5 percent in the medium-term according to Ricardo Velloso, IMF division chief for Africa. This will likely further increase the demand for premium skills, goods and services, which are already in short supply. To meet the demand for high-level skills there will be an increase in the number of expatriates deployed in Angola in the coming years to help build infrastructure and expand oil production and related industries and services. In the short-term, we expect higher demand for expatriate premium goods and services in Angola to lead to higher prices on top of the already high prices for imported goods and services. Do not expect Angola to drop out of the most expensive places list anytime soon.


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