Friday, April 13, 2018

Angola is Unbelievably Expensive

Angola is unbelievably expensive, and it will get more expensive before it gets cheaper. Here is why.

Angola’s new President Joao Lourenco has vowed to revive the economy, attract investment and combat the endemic corruption, and he is acting fast. Growth should reach 5 percent in the medium-term.

The demand for expatriate goods and services in Angola has exceeded supply since the dawn of peace after many years of economic stagnation despite immense oil wealth due to the post-independence civil war. By expatriate goods and services, I refer to international premium brands (food, clothing, and other consumables), international schools, excellent healthcare, and safe quality accommodation.

While there has been a great deal of improvement since my first trip to Angola in 1997, when Luanda looked to me like a city in a time-warp set permanently in war-torn 1975....

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