Saturday, November 9, 2019

Cost of Living for Expatriates in Johannesburg November 2019

Compared to New York, the equivalent cost in Johannesburg is as follows:
1) Alcohol (where available) & Tobacco: for items such as beer, spirits, wine and tobacco related products such as cigarettes. A basket costing USD$1000 in New York costs USD$490
2) Clothing: for items such as business, casual and children\'s clothing and footwear. A basket costing USD$1000 in New York costs USD$700
3) Communication: for various communication costs such as home telephone rental, internet subscription, mobile service provider tariff and data costs. A basket costing USD$200 in New York costs USD$256
4) Education: for items such as creche / pre-school fees, primary school fees, high school fees and tertiary study fees. A basket costing USD$30000 in New York costs USD$17400
5) Furniture & Appliances: for items such as dining table and chairs, home entertainment, kitchen appliances, and sofas. A basket costing USD$2500 in New York costs USD$2100
6) Groceries: for items such as consumables, cleaning...

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